Wedding Day Glam: Incorporating Holographic Nail Polish in Make-Up

The day you’ve been waiting for is finally near. As the bride, you will be the subject of everyone’s attention, so you need to look your best when you walk down the aisle. From hair to your toenails, every last bit of you should be appealing and well made up, if not perfect. Now, are you thinking of classic mani and pedi? Why not try something extraordinary like a holographic nail polish that you can buy from a nail art design company? Sure enough, it will help you glitter during your big day.

However, before you get such a nail treatment, you might have to consult with a nail specialist.

Initial Assessment with a Nail Expert

Nail care for your wedding is not only about choosing top holographic nail products; it also involves seeking the help of experts, if you haven’t cared for nails for quite some time. Especially when you have problems with your nails, then you should not skimp on meeting a specialist and have them look at before your big day. Typically, this individual will be able to identify problems that you might be having and recommended some solutions. So, you can get your nails ready for your wedding-day manicure and pedicure.

How your fingers and toes are made up will definitely affect your overall looks. Using one of the most popular nail treatments today—the holographic nail polish—you will be able to give your nails the glitter and look that they need during your wedding. Even if you haven’t taken care of them for a while or if you just don’t have those long, pearly nails that you are wanting to have, this type of nail polish will surely make a difference! For more information, visit at FNUG.

How Holographic Nails Are Done in Salons

In case you are wondering how to get holographic nails at a salon, here are bits of information that you should know:

1. The specialist will clean your nails totally, ensuring there isn’t any trace of previous nail polish.

2. She will let you dip your hands in foamy and clean lukewarm water for five to ten minutes to soften the skin around your fingernails.

3. To remove dead skin from your hands and nails, she will massage and scrub them gently.

4. To protect your nails from damage, she will apply a small amount of fingernail skin cream on your fingers, before cleaning the nails gently. The cream will also serve as a conditioner to soften skin that should be removed by the pusher.

5. She will rub your hands with another type of special cream and then a wet fabric to rid your nails of unnecessary oil. This is also done to hydrate your hands.

6. She will file your nails to a length and design that your desire.

7. Finally, she will seal the polish with a good-quality coating. This will prevent your nails from chipping.

Now, if you want to DIY these steps for your wedding day, you already know how to do it. Just make sure you are using the right products and nail care kits. On that note, you may visit

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